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SUBJECT: The Preston Press - 12/06/2021

December 6, 2021Preston Elementary PTAVolume 5 Issue 7
Peppermints, Presents, Pastries & More!

The PTA is thrilled to give our staff the gift of time by taking present wrapping off their task lists. You can help by coming to wrap or sending in a donation of wrapping items or treats for the staff to munch on. Whether you donate a pack of tape or a few hours of your time, we can assure you that your help is very much appreciated. This event is well loved by staff and volunteers, alike! Visit the PTA website for details and to sign up.

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The Allen Eagle Run is Coming Soon!

Mark your calendars and Save the Date for the 2022 Allen Eagle Run on February 26, 2022!

The PTA website has all of your needs at the click of a button!

For needs like this and much much more you can go to the Preston PTA Website!

Preston Publishers

Reminder: All Preston Publishers kits are due January 10, 2022 in the library. The winter break is a great time to for the kids to work on their stories! 

December 22nd - Sadaf Khan

December 24th - Allie Whittle

December 28th - Robyn Herbert

January 3 - Reeta Chowdhury

January 11 - Callie Smith

January 14 - Maloree Tennison

Looking Ahead
Monday, December 6
Art Sparks Week
Tuesday, December 7
Art Sparks Week
Science Fair
3:15p Run Club
Wednesday, December 8
Art Sparks Week
Science Fair
Thursday, December 9
Art Sparks Week
7:45a Preston Pride Awards
9:00a Presents, Peppermints, Pastries & More
Friday, December 10
Art Sparks Week
9:00a Presents, Peppermints, Pastries & More
Tuesday, December 14
3:15p Run Club
Thursday, December 16
Class Parties and Sing-A-Long
Friday, December 17
Early Release Students and Staff
Polar Express & PJs Day
Monday, December 20
Winter Break
Tuesday, December 21
Winter Break
Wednesday, December 22
Winter Break
Thursday, December 23
Winter Break
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