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Facebook Groups for each Grade Level also exist.  These are a great way to meet other families and ask questions you may have! 

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Fill out your background check on the Allen ISD WinOcular Workspace site for the 2023-2024 school year so you can be a volunteer for: 


  • Watch DOGS
  • Field Trips
  • ArtSparks
  • Snack Cart
  • Picture Day
  • Field Day
  • Copier / Bulletin Board
  • Book Fair



Did You Know?


**As schedule changes are made, we are updating our PTA calendar.  You can subscribe to calendar updates and sync the calendars to your phone.  This way you will always have the latest schedule updates from Preston PTA!


**Also, remember we have a private Facebook group which is a great way to keep in touch during this time!  If you haven't joined yet, here is the link: