As we look forward to a new year, we are reminded of the spirit and energy that the Pride of Preston embodies.  After a year of uncertainty, our students and staff of Preston have shown a resilience and ability to overcome.  Moving forward to our 5th year, let’s approach the year with eagerness and enthusiasm as we show the true spirit of the Preston Pride.


Preston Elementary is distinct from any other school in our community.  Starting our 5th year, we have exceeded the expectations and abilities of the other schools of Allen in PTA membership, awards, leadership, and family support.  You have shown Allen ISD that a “Voice for Every Child” is not only necessary but expected in order to make a difference in the lives of our children.  As the recipient of this PTA membership award for the past four years, Preston Elementary PTA has joined the few schools in our state that have been awarded this distinguished honor.  Letting our children have representation amplifies their voices, as well as ours, during this time of change.


The goals of the PTA will be to provide experiences and activities that will bring fun, excitement, and a sense of normalcy to our children.  Family Nights, Art Sparks, Preston Publishers, WatchDOGS, and Book Fairs are a few of the programs that will return to our school and remind the children that we are ready to get back and serve. 


The support of the Preston administration, staff, and teachers are what make the Preston PTA’s presence and work available in the lives of our children.  Volunteers for the Preston PTA are who make the events and programs possible.  Students and families of the Preston PTA are the reason we serve and advocate on behalf of their needs in the classroom and for our school.  Join us.  In whatever capacity you are able, the Preston PTA wants your help to represent, volunteer, or serve to better the opportunities and outcomes for our children.


Start now!  Our Preston PTA website and Preston Elementary PTA Facebook page are the best resources for information regarding our school.  Today, you can complete your PTA Back-to-School Packet, join our PTA, sign up to volunteer, donate to the No-Fuss Fundraiser, download the ever-changing calendar of events, purchase spirit wear and gear, and hear the most current updates from our school and community. 


This will be another year of change.  Let’s not change the emphasis we, as parents, have placed on our children and commitment to their elementary experience during this time.   Please reach out if you have any questions or are needing more information.  I am here to help and ready to lead our PTA in whatever direction 2021-22 takes us.


With Preston Pride,


Brooke Eung