Dear Preston Elementary School Community,


Welcome back for the exciting 2023-2024 school year! As we embark on our 7th year, let's embrace this time with enthusiasm and dedication, showcasing the unwavering Preston Pride that sets us apart.


Preston Elementary stands as a beacon of excellence within our community. Throughout our journey, we have consistently surpassed expectations in PTA membership, accolades, leadership, and unwavering family support. Our commitment to the "Voice for Every Child" platinum and silver standards has not only become essential but an anticipated benchmark for creating a meaningful impact in our children's lives. By ensuring every child has a voice, we amplify not only their expressions but ours as well.


The PTA's mission is to provide enriching experiences and engaging activities that enhance our
student's educational journey.

The collaborative efforts of Preston's administration, dedicated staff, and passionate teachers
pave the way for the Preston PTA's meaningful contributions in our children's lives. Our
Amazing volunteers are the lifeline of our events and programs, while the students and families
of the Preston PTA remain the driving force behind our advocacy efforts within classrooms and
the school community. We invite you to join us – whether in representation, volunteering, or
service – to collectively improve opportunities and outcomes for our cherished children.

Stay informed through our Preston PTA website and Preston Elementary PTA Facebook page,
your go-to resources for school-related updates. Today, take the first step by visiting to complete your PTA Back-to-School Packet. This platform allows you to
join our PTA, volunteer, contribute to the No-Fuss Fundraiser, access event calendars,
purchase spirit wear, and stay connected with the latest school and community news.

Anticipation is high for a rewarding school year, and we eagerly await your participation in the
PTA. Feel free to reach out for any queries or additional information; I'm here to support and
lead our PTA on its 2023-2024 journey. We extend a warm welcome, knowing you'll soon find
your place within our vibrant community.

Better Together Stronger Than Ever.

Prachi Mohanty